access granted....

♥ about me!!!! ♥

somewhat psycho loaf of bread

name: alexander

age: immortal

gender: whichever one has the dick

star sign: libra (:

spirit animal: goat because satan woohoo edgy


♥ my legs are quite flexible ...on good days

♥ colourful socks are my will to live

♥ i still own loombands wow surprise surprise


♥ homestuck

♥ spiders

♥ south park

♥ bright random colours

♥ browsing random tags on tumblr

♥ daydreaming

♥ music


animals: spiders, cats, ducks, birbs

places: my home

cartoons/shows: gravity falls, camp camp

movies: high school musical

books: i am j, harry potter

music genres: metal, lo-fi, rock